Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner/BCTMB/LMT/ACE Personal Trainer/E-RYT200
Ayurveda and Modern Health

Whole medical systems are complete systems of theory and practice that have evolved over time in different cultures and sometimes are practiced apart from Western medicine. ALL MEDICINE HAS PURPOSE.

Ayurveda  is a modern system of medicine, though in the United States still establishing its role under the wide practices of Integrative Medicine. The Ministry of Ayurveda, AYUSH,  states Ayurveda is an interconnected system of physiological, elemental and even spiritual functioning. 


Certified Ayurvedic Practitioners conduct Ayurvedic consultations to determine a person's unique profile(prakruti).  The three doshas are Vata (air), Pitta (bile) and Kapha (phlegm). Our physical body is comprised from a combination of the 5 elements; Vata(ether&air), Pitta(fire&water) and Kapha(water&earth). These biological combinations play a part in the basics of dinacharya(daily health practice) and specific nutritional practices of Ayurvedic medicine.

Through this one on one consultation the nature of a person and any imbalances(vikruti) are identified. We create from this profile a treatment plan that will include lifestyle enhancement/ or balancing foods and herbs recommendations.  
Integrative 5 sense therapies include aromatherapy, color therapy,
palliation( pain reduction) or tonification (strengthening), yoga, meditation and even massage - all aimed at restoring or maintaining balance.
Here are some free resources I share with my clients!
• Ayurveda Resources for Daily Use - by Dr.Vasant Lad
• Ayurveda Life - by California College of Ayurveda



Initial Visit

In the initial visit you will meet with the Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. Through an in-depth evaluation of your health and lifestyle practices, we will develop an understanding of your unique constitution and the root causes of any imbalances and challenges.


Report of Finding
Based on the findings from the initial consult, we will design a program using five sense treatments, including diet, herbs, music and other therapeutic lifestyle changes. This portion (after your initial consultation) is a report of findings and will be scheduled on a separate day. Here we discuss the appropriate plan that will work for you currently. 


Follow Up Visits

During these visits we will continue to implement your program and if need be adjust, monitor your progress, and observe you. It is sometimes necessary to make changes or additions to the program so that you help YOU reach your goal(s). This may include herbal, yoga and/or massage therapy. Perhaps most important, I am here to support you on your journey!

Services are by appointment only. Packages start at $295.00 (1 Exam, 1 Report of Findings and 2 follow up sessions). *Body therapies can be combined for additional savings.*

Please use the client contact information link here to speak with me to schedule an appointment.


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