Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner/BCTMB/LMT/ACE Personal Trainer/E-RYT200

Beth helps me with the muscle pain on my shoulder and neck. Beth knew exactly where I had pain. She is really good at what she does. You'll know what I mean when you see her just one time.-  Mary.K  Dec. 2008 

Turns out that I had two herniated discs in my neck.  I was worried that I would need surgery but a combination of chiropractic treatment and the terrific massages by Beth, I was able to make a full recovery without surgical intervention.   I have been going consistently ever since -- for massage (including terrific pre-natal massages) and for adjustments.  A holistic approach to wellness is a welcome change from the more traditional medical care that I have received in the past.  An excellent massage therapist whose professionalism and expertise has really made a difference in my treatment and care.- Debbie S. Sept 2012

Beth gave the right amount of pressure, iced the offending spots, and surprised me with how much one can release within an hour. Glad I knew where to go for relief! Ay.D May 2011

During my recent pregnancy, I went to see Beth about every 2 weeks.  She is GREAT and knew so much about pre natal massage and pregnancy.  She helped with a case of sciatica as well.  I will continue to go to her even after the pregnancy.                                - Tori W. Oct 2008

There aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful is Beth. She is a great human being, playing roles of massage therapist, guide for your health, teacher who explains the actual problem in your body and solution. In a few sessions with her many problems are solved. Her professionalism, with touch of warmth and care, goes straight to your body to strengthen. I have known her since 7 years, and I am a two times Breast cancer survivor. I have had neuropathy, indigestion, and various other Chemo affected health problems due to breast cancer. Beth always knew as to which part of the body had the exact problem and was able to reach deep down and solved it in just couple of sessions. I strongly feel, that I was able to come out of all the health issues and be back to normal, just like before cancer touched me, only due to the fact of my continuous sessions with Beth. My sessions were every two weeks and sometimes weekly for the past 7 years. Beth gave different kinds of massage, depending on my need of my body. They were deep tissue, swedish, myofascial, reflexology, acupressure massage and even thai massage. With all the health issues, now I am back to normal and enjoy the massage as my routine, just like food, water and air. Thanks to Beth for her caring and healing touch, which has enabled me live a full life.Chitra B, 2014

Beth is an expert massage therapist. I worked with Beth regularly for 7 years until she relocated to MA. She treated my chronic back and hip pain and a shoulder injury after being hit by a car. The difference between Beth and the many other massage therapists that I saw is clear. Beth is passionate about her work as a healer. She walks, talks, and breathes the healthy mind/body lifestyle. While receiving your massage, you can feel how present and connected Beth is as she works to heal your body. She has so many different techniques and tools to work with your anatomy. Beth is exceptionally knowledgeable and skillful.  -Erica L 2013

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